Spiritual Adoption is an intention of prayer for those children who are in danger of death in the womb of their mothers. This prayer lasts nine months and it consists in the daily recitation of a decade of the rosary together with a special Prayer of Intercession for the child and the parents. To this prayer you can add freely personal resolutions.


in a few questions…

What are the fruits of Spiritual Adoption?
Spiritual Adoption is a very concrete gift of love for a neighbour; it’s a fulfilment of Jesus’ commandment: ”love one another, as I have loved you” (J 13:34). In today’s world, which has started the battle with life, this powerful prayer is a clear testimony of those, who love life!
Furthermore Spiritual Adoption cures effectively the deep interior wounds caused by the sin of abortion. It helps mothers to recover the faith in the Mercy of God, giving peace to their broken hearts. As a concrete gift, without interests, this prayer helps especially youth to model their character, to fight against egoism, to find the happiness of a good responsible parenthood, giving to them the ability to look at love with God’s eyes. Teaching a systematic prayer and positive actions, spiritual adoption deepens the personal contact with God. It helps to find a deeper meaning in the practices we do. Moreover it can be an occasion for a renewal of love and prayer within the family.

  How will I know that God listened to my prayer?
Our assurance is founded in the faith of the Omnipotence and infinite Mercy of God. God is Giver of Life and His will is that every child will live and will be surrounded with parental love.

  How to begin Spiritual Adoption?
Fill in the Form of the Promise (to download from this website) and pray it in front of the Blessed Sacrament (in the Church…), and from that moment for nine months pray daily a decade of rosary and the special Prayer of Intercession for the child and the parents (also on this website). In order to better remember, it is helpful to write the date of beginning and conclusion of the prayer.
After having completed the promise, it is necessary to send the filled in form to the Apostolate ”Youth for Life” (to the official e-mail box or to the one of the Salesians – Coordinators).

  Who can do Spiritual Adoption?
Anyone – lay people, consecrated, men and women, persons of every age. It is good to spread Spiritual Adoption also outside the Apostolate, especially in families and among the friends.

  Why, to become a member of the Apostolate, you have to begin Spiritual Adoption at least once?
The Apostolate doesn’t want to be only pro-life organisation, but first of all the community of PRAYER. The practice of Spiritual Adoption found his force in the aim that has the defence of life in all its aspects, it does not mean to forget to look at Him who offered life and to pray to Him to save those who are defenceless and in danger of death.
To become a member of the Apostolate is necessary to begin Spiritual Adoption at least once at the beginning of one’s way in the community. By this act of faith candidate shows his commitment toward the mission of the community.

  How Spiritual Adoption was born?
Spiritual Adoption was born after a revelation in Fatima, as an answer to the call of the Mother of God to pray the rosary as penitence and in reparation of the sin, that has most wounded Her Immaculate Heart. In 1987 this prayer was introduced in Poland. The first centre of spiritual adoption was the church of the Paulines fathers in Warsaw. From this place the prayer was spread not only all over the country but outside her borders as well.

  What can be the personal resolutions?
The personal resolution can be for example: frequent confession and Holy Communion, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, reading of the Bible, fasting, fighting against our vices, helping those in need, and other prayers (litanies, novenas to the Divine Mercy…)
It is important to take the resolutions rationally, having in mind possibility of their completion.

  Can you practice Spiritual Adoption without personal resolutions?
Yes. The personal resolutions are not compulsory, but recommended, because they are very concrete gift despite of the gift of the prayer.

How many times you can do Spiritual Adoption?
You can do repeatedly with the condition that the previous one has been concluded.

  It is necessary to say every time the Form of the Promise?
Yes. This Promise is a solemn commitment before God.

  Is it possible to adopt more than one child?
Spiritual Adoption is for one child.

  Will we know the country of the adopted child?
We don’t know. Only God knows the name, place and circumstances of the child.

Is it sinful to miss a day of prayer?
Forgetting to say the prayer of Spiritual Adoption is not a sin. Sin is to consciously and voluntarily make the promise to God insincerely without any intention to keep it.

  When a longer pause occurs, does one consider the Spiritual Adoption to have ended?
A longer pause (for example a month) ends Spiritual Adoption. It is necessary to renew the Promise and try to be more faithful. In the case of a shorter pause it is necessary to continue Spiritual Adoption, regaining the days lost at the end

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